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Last night was the last equestrian event - the individual showjumping. It was held as Typhoon Nuri advanced towards HK. It was excellent value, but with a typhoon bearing down on us, why did the organisers have 1.5 hours between rounds? Husband got so bored he went home.

He missed a great jump off - the Yanks jumping over some of the decorative flower pots to shave off a few seconds, and the Canadian winning - my Canadian friends will be thrilled. It was great to hear the Canadian supporters singing the national anthem! and the horses - just gorgeous. Alas the cutist horse - Zorro- did not make the second round, but he was very cute - the jumps looked just so huge and he looked so small.

Thanks to the Typhoon we are having an unexpected holiday, and I am indulging in Olympics watching on the TV. Have to say HK coverage is peculiar to say the least. Typhoon updates interrupt canoe races, and the poor commentators often left wondering what they are looking at. The Beeb and Guardian live updates are brilliant, we are all hooked on them. Nice to see some of the jingoism being mad fun of. Quite glad I am not in UK - the Team GB!GB!GB! thing would drive me up the wall. Of course we see a lot of table tennis and other sports the Chinese are good in, but the athletics is very good. Alas for the Chinese hurdler, there was virtual mourning in the office when he retired.

The eye of Nuri should be going over in 30 mins or so, then the winds die down and then swing round and pick up again. So far no major damage, although I expect a lot of our new trees will be down. Busy day on Monday!
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